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Happy Sunday + LDW, chickas!! Hope that you’re all spending your weekend relaxing + recharging!

As most of you know, Billy + I are moving at the end of this year. While I’m so excited, I’m also so overwhelmed by it (hello paralysis by analysis, anyone else?)!. There’s just so much to be done. New couches to choose, new rugs to decide on + don’t even get me started on decorating the new office // blogging space.

So, I decided that I’m going to start slowly getting things that inspire me. That’s where Hobby Lobby comes in – have you ever been?! If you haven’t you NEED to go. First of all, they always have sales + a 40% off coupon. It’s like HomeGoods but better.

We stopped in yesterday + all of their ceramic pots / planters / vases were 50% off. OBVIOUSLY THIS WAS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY.


I got this marble + gold plant stand which, for me, is a START!

Seriously, you don’t know how many times I wrestled back + forth between white // black, gold // silver, marble // no marble. OMG. I had to just buy something + start.

SO, I’m loving the way gold looks. I’ve always been a silver person, but I’m loving this champagne gold color. It’s not as yellow as most golds, which I’m so happy about.


I also got tons of ceramic pots // planters // vases. While I know that my plant obsession is INSANE, yes… It’s nuts. LOL, you don’t have to fill any of these up with plants.

Ceramic pots are great to keep around because you can do so much with them. Candles, make up brushes, or even just as decor.

When it comes to accent pieces // decor, remember to mix it up. It’s boring when everything is the same. Use different textures, colors, heights, shapes.

So, if you haven’t yet… You’ve got to check out Hobby Lobby. It’s insane + I know that you guys are going to love it (don’t forget to print out the 40% off coupon).

Talk tomorrow!




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