Ladies, Let’s Speak Up


“You’re gonna need $1,200 worth of repairs done to your car”

*Immediately gets flustered*

“Okay, let me call my dad and talk to him about this first.”

That’s just a snippet of the conversation that I had with a service technician at an auto store today. I’m not going to name any names because that’s just not necessary. And I understand that it’s a business and in order to keep the lights on, sales need to be made.

Let me back up just a bit though.

I went in for an oil change today – dropped the car off after lunch, was told it shouldn’t be more than 25 minutes to complete the oil change. I told the guy (repeatedly) that I ONLY wanted an oil change. Nothing else. No alignment. No new windshield wipers. Just an oil change. Super simple, right?

So, I get a call almost an hour and a half later being told that two different things were wrong with my car + that it would be $1,200 to fix it.

I immediately felt like I was being put on the spot. The car guy on the other line made sure to tell me that “usually this is a lengthy process but they have all of the parts and can have it done by the end of the day.”

I called my dad right after to talk to him about it. He called the mechanic that we’ve been seeing for years + we were quoted with a price that was HALF of what the service man had told me it was. Basically, this guy was trying to charge me double for both procedures.

After I hung up with my dad, I called the technician back to tell him that I wouldn’t be going forward with the procedures. I was immediately met with a grumpy attitude + was hung up on (in, sort of, a nice way).

When I got to the car place to pick up my car after the oil change – I was hurried out the door. The guy told me it was going to be $65 for the oil change, but right there on the counter was a $10 flier. Normally I wouldn’t care… like at all. It’s ten dollars. But I was already annoyed that he was trying to take advantage of me earlier. So, I said, “Oh, okay! Is that with the $10 coupon”. He made no response + returned to the cash register to take off $10.

The point here is that as women, we need to SPEAK UP.

This is something that I’m learning to do more + more each day. If I hadn’t spoken up + gotten a second opinion, the car technician would have easily sold me on all of the “immediate + necessary” procedures that needed to take place on my car. I don’t doubt that they need to be done, but the fact that he made it seem so dire / end of the world + almost pushed me to do it today made me, honestly, angry.

My coworkers we’re telling me that it’s very common for women to get taken advantage of when it comes to cars / auto dealers / big purchases. People assume that we “don’t know anything” about cars + will just go with whatever is being sold to us.

This honestly ticked me off. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean that I’m naive.

Today’s experience really opened my eyes + showed me that we need to learn to speak up when we feel like something isn’t right / is unjust / doesn’t sit well with us.

As women, we were all blessed with the beautiful gift of intuition – the ability to feel things.

When I went in originally, I didn’t get a good vibe from the situation. Something seemed off.

ANYWAYS, the moral of the story is to GO WITH YOUR GUT!

Speak up for yourself + don’t let people take advantage!





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