Growing Up.


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Have you ever been told that you’re an old soul? Because so have I.

I’m not like most twenty three year olds – I don’t spend my weekends with friends at bars or dancing the night away in clubs.

I’m usually: resting, recharging + seeking quiet time. But, there was a point in time when that was me. I was hanging out with friends + partying on weekends. Exerting all of my energy and rolling into Monday feeling sluggish, depleted + like I needed to hibernate for 3 weeks.

But now, I find more joy in catching up over a glass of wine + some wood fired pizza. (Doesn’t that just sound yum right now?) And then going home to a good book + face mask.

Sometimes, this can lead me to feel like I’m, “doing it wrong”. Not living my twenties how all of the movies make it out to be. Or how the age old saying, “your twenties are your best years” makes it seem.

I wanted to remind you all that, you’re right where you need to be. And that you’re path may look different than your friends // peers // coworkers // social media.

Don’t question it.

Just let it be.

I spend a lot of my time cultivating self belief // self worth because it doesn’t come natural to me. It’s a work in progress that I don’t think will ever be finished. Because, we can always be better to ourselves than we were yesterday.

So, here’s a simple reminder to give yourself a break + take it easy on what you’re telling yourself mentally.

Enjoy your twenties.

Enjoy growing up.

Embrace this moment, right here + right now!

Love you guys,

Talk tomorrow,




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