Confessions of a Crazy Plant Lady



You know what, I’ve just fully accepted that I am, in fact, a crazy plant lady.

I’m obsessed. Succulents, Cacti, House Plants… I love ’em all.

I think that they bring so much life into a space – especially one that’s as small as a city apartment. There’s also health benefits such as air purification, oh and HAPPINESS.

We get some pretty good, bright natural light in our apartment so I like to fill up the windowsills with cacti + succulents.

This weekend, I bought two new plants: a snake plant + an elephant ear plant and I also started propagating some of my babies.


Since we’re moving in December, I wanted to start propagating (aka growing new plants from cuttings) some babies so that I’ll be able to place them all throughout the new place.

I took some clippings from one of my house plants, a Golden Pothos + started propagating it in water. If you guys are interested, I can do a full blog post on this process + take you through it step by step.

BUT, for now, I’ll spare you all of the details (lol). Propagating is not only so cool, but it’s also so cute to see your little cuttings sit in water + start to grow roots.

Pothos are great indoor plants – they require minimal maintenance + can do well in really any type of light situation. They also help to purify the air which is great for small spaces like city apartments.


This succulent above I brought back to life from near death. I get most of my succulents from Whole Foods + this one was doing so well at first.

But then the leaves started to fall off, slowly… I can’t even tell you how sad I was. I switched over the water to FILTERED WATER for all of my plants + it’s made such a difference.

That Philly tap water is gross y’all!

Anyways, I’m obsessed with all of my babies + wanted to share them with you all.

Hope that it didn’t bore you to death, LOL! Hopefully, you guys love plants as much as I do!

Talk tomorrow,




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