Late Summer Mornings, Casual Style




Simple moments.

I live for them.

A cool late-summer morning, a quick bike ride, fresh wild flowers.

You know, the simple things.

Billy recently got a new bike so we’ve been spending more time at the bike park right by the Art Museum on the Schuykill River Trail.

I’ve been (dangerously) riding on the handlebars as he pedals, LOL. Definitely not the safest way to transport me-self to and from the bike park, but it’s fun.

I feel like a little kid again. The wind blowing in my hair. That exhilarating feeling when you’re going down the hill, being propelled with momentum.


We love it.

Last night we biked to the bike park + I brought the camera along with. We went after dinner so it got pretty dark really quickly. I was only able to capture a few photos, so I went back this morning.

The air was cool, not cold, the grass was dewey.

Reminded me much of that “back to school” weather, you know when we were kids and the summer heat started to cool off.

So, heres your little reminder to enjoy the simpele things in life.

Don’t forget to PLAY!

Seriously. Playing is exhilarating. It makes you feel young again (as cheesy and cliche as that sounds).


Happy Friday, loves!

Start your weekend with some PLAY!

Talk tomorrow,



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