office.pngHello, hello… Have you heard?!

Billy and I will be moving apartment complexes come December. It’s still in Philly, just located more on the outskirts of the city (an eight minute drive to center city to be exact).

It was a really tough decision to leave our current apartment complex, Park Towne Place, but ultimately we just needed more room.

I was really going back and forth between leaving the Fairmount area because I love it so much. But, Billy really helped me realize that we’re still so close to the city + won’t have to deal with the hidden stressors of the center-city life like: noise, traffic, pollution, cars, beeping, people everywhere.

Our new apartment will have a view of lots of greenery / trees (woah, what’s that?!) + the best part? We no longer have to wear ear plugs at night! (Legit our bedroom looks right over 676 / the skyline, so it’s louuuuud).


So… What does this mean? It means that I have (approximately) four months to start planning, preparing + pinteresting. It also means that I’ll be taking you all along on the journey of re-decorating our new space + planning.

Our new apartment will be much more space – 1,400ish square feet to be semi-exact.

Now we’ll have space for a dining room table, a separate den that we’ll be transitioning into an office / content studio for blogging / vlogging / creating. It also has a huge walk in closet… gasp.

YES, I am so so so pumped about the walk in closet. I’m thinking of making it into more of a walk-in closet / seating area with a big ottoman in the middle with a fuzzy rug.


What’s To Come

  • I’m going to be starting to feature a room-by-room decor series. I’ve already started photoshopping plans together + saving everything / anything to Pinterest. So, I want to show you guys – from the ground up – what it’s like to completely redecorate an empty apartment!
  • Maybe a vlog channel?! Idk, do you guys think I should do one? I’m thinking that I want to vlog our entire apartment move / decor series. Perhaps on IGTV or maybe even YouTube?! GASP!

Affordable Decorating

As you all know by now – I’m all about a budget + keeping things affordable. Billy may think that I’m insane for putting together these mood boards in Photoshop, but I’ve just got to see everything. I’m a verrrrry visual person, as you can tell!

I’ve already gone pshyco with my Google Spreadsheets, I’ve mapped out everything that I need to purchase / what we already have / what we need (down to the prices, links, receipt return date + all) I know, I know… I’m a little crazy.

BUT, to be completely honest… The thought of uprooting everything that we have + moving, again, is pretty overwhelming to me.

I’ve gotta get it all out of my head + sorted through where I can see it.

So, I’ll be sharing affordable furniture + decor finds with you all. You’ve all given me some amazing sites already! Here are some of them:

I’m looking to go for a boho-modern feel with a masculine twist (think deep blues, emeralds with fuzzy accents and white / cream basics).


We’re so excited + I can’t wait to bring you all along this journey with us.

Feel free to shout out with any recommendations for home decor, furniture finds, etc! I’m all ears!

Talk tomorrow,




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