Corporate Chic


IT’S HARD, ok?

Hard to dress cute for the office – especially when your office is freezing like mine.

Seriously, I dress for fall / winter even in the summer months because I can never manage to stay warm while in the office.

So, I wanted to share this Corporate Chic outfit with you guys today and show you how to style it.

A pair of wide legged pants go a lonnnnng way. 

The flowy cut makes them SUPER comfy. Plus, you can secretly take your shoes off under your desk without your desk mates knowing, LOL! These are from my favorite Philly boutique, ellelauri + they’re the Arabella White Pants! OBSESSED is an understatement.

The elastic top of them cinches your waist, giving you that feminine look + you know we’re all after that look.

I paired these white wide legged pants with a black and white striped top, a STAPLE for any corporate wardrobe.

This outfit is #OfficeApproved! For the shoe, you can opt for strappy heel or even a pair of sandals for the summertime.

Hope that you all enjoyed this Corporate Chic look, I’ll be integrating more of these looks onto the City of Sisterly Love!

Talk tomorrow,



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