Coffee Conversations (In A Casual Outfit) | Episode 2



Today’s post is going to be a catch up. A sit down, grab some coffee / tea, let’s chat type of post!

This morning Billy + I walked to get some Starbucks – minutes after we grabbed our coffee it started downpouring. And I mean… D O W N P O U R I N G. Buckets of rain falling from the sky.

So, we camped out underneath this awning for a good 15-20 minutes waiting for the storm to pass. It didn’t (ended up having to call an Uber, but that’s besides the point).

Anyways, you know what it reminded me of? It reminded me that sometimes you’ve gotta embrace life. Sit in stillness. Get caught in rain unexpectedly. Feel raindrops on your skin. Let your hair be frizzy.

There are so many times where I find myself complaining about things that are simply out of my control. Like a passing storm. Stormy weather. Loud traffic.

Instead of trying to change + control life at all times, let’s try to embrace it.

That storm gave us a few minutes of stillness. A laughable memory. A quiet moment in the morning to enjoy coffee with each other.

It gave us peace.

It gave us calm.

It gave me a realization.

Life is happening all around us, whether we’re willing to acknowledge it is up to us!

So, here’s just a simple reminder to take a quiet moment + appreciate all that is around us.

The good.

The not so good.

It all equally makes up who we are!

Talk tomorrow!




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