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You know what I like, an easy on-trend outfit. One that incorporates things that you already own so that you don’t feel pressured to run out and buy the “latest and greatest” items, you feel me?

It’s fun to wear clothes that make you feel good in them. It’s even more fun to wear clothes that are trendy + make ya feel stylish. But it can also be a little tricky figuring out exactly how to make it work.

So today, I’ll be showing you how to style this super easy trendy summer outfit!

This outfit highlights two trends: sneakers + dresses and a denim tied waist.

Trends can be tricky + somewhat scary to wear at first. BUT, by keeping the colors neutral + comfortable, you’ll be rockin’ this style in no time!

Keep scrollin’ for some more pics + tips.


For this outfit, you can really tie anything around your waist: a cardigan, jean jacket, flannel or striped shirt! Whatever you’ve already got in that closet of yours.

This outfit is perfect for a movie date night, grabbing some drinks with friends or even strolling around your local city. If you’re like me + get cold so easily, you can slip the jacket on whenever you start to get chilly! BOOYAH!

Now, onto the shoes.

Personally, I like the look of slip on sneakers as opposed to lace up ones. I think that they’re more sleek + feminine. Also, I’m like the clumsiest person ever so having no laces to tie or get untied is a win in my book.

These slip on sneakers from Superga are platform sneakers which I LOVE because it gives me that little boost of height!

They also double as a comfy + easy show to wear all day.

Pro Tip: If you’re ordering these Superga shoes, order a size down! They’re an Italian brand, so not sure if the sizing is slightly different. But, I’m usually an 8 and probably could have went with a 7.5!

Hope that you all enjoyed this post + are having an amazing day!

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