OMG OMG OMG, it’s Billy’s birthday y’all!

Can you guess how old he’s turning?!








27 (okay, it’s this one!)





Okay, but all jokes aside. I’m one of those people who love’s celebrating everyone else’s birthday but hates celebrating my own.

Billy’s one of those people who just hates celebrating things in general, HAHAHA. Can you relate? I sort of can –– he thinks that all holiday’s are just one big marketing scheme to get you to spend money, lmao.

ANYWAYS! I’m going to tell you a seven facts about Billy in this post in honor of his birthday… I won’t do 27 facts (that’d be absurd so I’ll do 7… because 7, 27… same thing).

  1. He grew up racing dirt bikes + made it to Loretta Lynns which is the “olympics for amateur dirt bike racers” (as he describes it in his words, not mine). Basically, he was a maniac + super good at racing dirt bikes! He spent his childhood going up and down the east coast, racing and competing every weekend. His family used to have an RV that they would take from city to city to compete.
  2. …Buuuut, because of that he’s broken 20 bones in his body and his ACL is still 80% torn which is why he takes health / exercise / diet so seriously! If he doesn’t stretch for one day, a nerve in his back acts up. This is almost a positive for him because it’s taught him the importance of taking care of your body + being able to heal it with natural remedies.
  3. He is a true Leo / fire sign – the center of attention + full of energy. LOL emphasis on the full of energy part – he’s optimistic, charismatic + can be very headstrong at times!
  4. For almost a year now, he’s owned his own company. He now has two full time employees + just rented out an office space. I’m insanely proud of him + it’s taught me so much about how our dreams really can become our realities.
  5. Coconut is his favorite flavor… anything. When we were in Puerto Rico he saw a local climbing up a tree to get fresh coconuts + asked him (in spanish) if he could have one. I’ve never seen him light up like that in my life HAHAHA. “Un coco por favor” Seriously, the dude looked like a little kid on Christmas.
  6. He is doing Intermittent Fasting right now + is hyper obsessive over it (kind of annoying, lol, like you’re girl just wants some gelato for dessert, you feel). All joking aside I’m so proud of him. So far, he’s lost about 13 lbs – he eats between 12-8PM + consumes mostly proteins / veggies. I’ve gotta give it to him, I tried doing IF for a lil bit + was legit so so haaaaangry.
  7. HE IS MY BEST FRIEND! Okay, maybe this isn’t so much a fact about him, but… He truly his! We just know each other like the backs of our hands – we can sense each other’s thoughts / feelings without even speaking. Pretty creepy, tbh. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way! He’s hilarious, spontaneous (but still calculated / regimented), driven, talented, courageous + brave. My best best friend and partner, wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hope that you guys enjoyed getting to know him a little better + COMMENT AND WISH HIM A HAPPY BDAYYYY!

He loves you guys as much as I do + I love sharing our relationship with you all!

Talk tomorrow!




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