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Self care is the best care, right?

And what better way to do self care than on Sundays ?.

Sundays are SACRED, okay? Especially Sunday nights – I love a good Sunday night self care action.

But first, let me set the scene. It’s Sunday night after a busy week + weekend, you’ve spent the weekend doing some shiz that you love + perhaps spending the weekend with someone you love. Now it’s time for yourself, kay?

And by that I mean it’s time for some essential oils, a face mask + obvs an at home manicure.

You know, I’m sick of spending $$$$$ just because I’m a girl. Pedicures, manicures, hair appointments, waxing appointments, razors, tampons. BEING A GIRL IS EXPENSIVE (can I get an amen?)

So, I like to find a short cut to savings when I can. So, low and behold… today I’ll be teaching you how to give yourself an at home manicure.

? STEP ONE: remove old polish

grab a cotton round + some nail polish remover. Personally, I love using pure acetone (sorry, I know) but it just gets the job done. Don’t worry about drying your skin out, we’ve got Vitamin E oil for that (I’ll get to that part later)

? STEP TWO: clean + prep

SO IMPORTANT. After all of the polish is off, you’ve gotta clean the nail. This includes *gently* pushing the cuticles back and *gently* cutting them back. It really just cleans the entire nail up + gets rid of those pesky pieces of skin on the side of your nailbeds that we’re all tempted to pick at.

? STEP THREE: cut, file + buff.

What shape do you like? Personally, I’m a square nail kind of gal. I love a good boxed nail look. So I cut my nails down (but not too short, you still want to be able to shape them with a nail file). Then I file them to that chic square look – with a little bit of rounded edges. Shaping the nail is a freakin’ art lemme tell ya + I’m by no means perfect at it. BUT, when I do get manicures, I always closely watch how the girls shape my nails + try to replicate that. It takes practice, so don’t go too crazy with it. But, once you have the shape done take a buffing tool (or you can lightly use the same file) and buff the tops of your nails. This ensure that it gives the tops of your nails that smooth, flattened look.

? STEP FOUR: wash + moisturize.

Kay, now it’s time to wash off all the crusty shiz + moisturize your nails / cuticles / hands. For this, I like take some Vitamin E oil + rub it on the entire nail + cuticle area. It helps to restore the moisture and character of your nail after all that harsh stuff (nailpolish / acetone) has been on it. Once you let it sit on there for a little bit, gently wipe it away with a warm washcloth or papertowel.

? STEP FIVE: paint + seal

Now for the fun part! It’s time to paint the nail and finish it off with a top coat! Yay, choose a color that fits your mood. I used Essie’s Bachelorette Party – such a fun bright pink for summertime. But, I usually go for neutral colors like a light pink or white. The topcoat that I use is Essie’s Gel Setter topcoat – it’s gives the nail that glossy, gel-like finish. I also find that it helps the polish last a lil bit longer.

? STEP SIX: dry, dry, dry!

Okay now you’ve gotta let ’em dryyyy. I know how annoying it can be, but seriously… Don’t let all of your hardwork go to waste! Let them sit + dry for a good ten to fifteen minutes. Here’s a little hack, after they’ve dried for a little bit you can speed dry them by running them or soaking them in cold water. I saw this trick years ago on Twitter and have been using it ever since.



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