Saturday Morning Clean Out

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Today’s forecast is calling for rain + thunderstorms.

Sometimes, I like a good thunderstorm. It gives me the perfect excuse to stay inside + get shizzzz done.

I plan on cleaning out and reorganizing all of my crap today.

Ya know, the concept of minimalism is looking shinier + shinier these days. Sometimes, I look around at all the junk that I’ve spent money on + just think, why?

Do I need 10 pairs of sunglasses? No, I just need one. All of that product laying around in my medicine cabinet has been givin’ me the heebeejeebee’s (lol, butchered that spelling).

Anyways, I’m going to be working on living with less. Buying less junk. Decluttering my space. Cleaning out cabinets/closets/drawers.

Do you think that I should create a little “closet” on Instagram – a separate page to sell some of my loved but barely worn items?!

Here are some principles that I live buy when cleaning out my closets / spaces, let’s do this clean out together:


?  ripped / stained / holes? it’s probably time to recycle it.

?  haven’t worn it in months? try selling it on poshmark, plato’s closet OR donate it!

?  old sweatpants / jackets / warm clothing? donate it! there’s tons of donation sites – just do a quick google search!


?  ratty / stained / stinky? recyle them!

?  too small? fell out of love with ’em… either poshmark them, give them to a friend or donate them!

?  too many similar pairs? happens to the best of us, try handing them down to a family member that you know will love ’em!


? expired / funky smell / hardened or dried out products… toss ’em!

?  not your shade or color… pass ’em on to a friend!

?  didn’t work for you or you don’t like it… give it to someone who you know may like it!

Cleaning up and cleaning out your spaces is so rewarding. It helps you realize that you don’t need all of this “stuff”.

We can live with less.

We can do without.

Here’s to cleaning out our rooms + cleaning up our lives ??

Love you guys!

Talk tomorrow,



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