Say Bye To The Monday Blues



Today, I want to share three tips to jumpstart your Monday + kick those Monday blues to the curb!

Are you ready?! Let’s do this!

seriously, it sounds basic but hydration is key for energy. i like to make a beauty water in the mornings – so simple, seriously. it’s just filtered tap water, a few cubes of ice, pink himalayan salt + a fresh squeezed meyer lemon. basically, it’s a natural electrolyte solution that helps your cells absorb water.
yeah yeah yeah, i know. sounds a ‘lil “woo-woo” right? but i promise that taking five to ten minutes in the morning for yourself can really go along way for your mental energy. it’s essential for calming the mind + starting your week off right. i use the insight timer app right on my phone. makes it so easy to hold yourself accountable + track your progress.
what can you be thankful for? write it down. whether it’s your health, happiness, loved ones or as simple as a stranger smiling at you on the street. practicing gratitude + being thankful for what you have can put in you in the right frame of mind to lead your week with.

I hope that this was helpful for you babes!

What are some things that you do to kick your Sunday blues to the curb?!

I’d love to know!

Talk tomorrow,



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