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S T A Y C A T I O N.

This can mean so many things. This weekend, it meant a short little escape to the shore + coming back to Philly to tour our own city and check out some sites that we haven’t really taken the time to see yet.

So, let me give you the backstory. Saturday morning I was set to travel down to Avalon to celebrate ellelauri’s sixth birthday (more on that here). I had asked Billy to tag along with me for the day + spend the day down the shore. BUT, it was pouring rain. Like buckets of rain down pouring. So, he as apprehensive + said that he was just gonna stay home and catch up on some work (because I mean c’mon, who wants to travel in shore traffic to be down the shore while it’s raining).

Naturally I was sad he wasn’t gonna tag along, but understood where he was coming from – shore traffic is a pain. But, about an hour later he called me over + showed me his computer screen. Turns out that he booked a last minute hotel in AC (do we love him or do we love him?!)

I screamed with joy + immediately started packing a bag for us. I’m a chronic overpacker but this time I actually forgot so much stuff like deodorant and a brush, LOL.

Anyways, we spent Saturday + Sunday down the shore which was amazing. We had dinner at Cube Libre – such a good cuban restaurant and they actually have a location here in the city as well. And then we caught the new Mission Impossible movie at the IMAX theatre in the trop. We’re not much of party people (I know, you’re thinking why stay in AC then? Well, there was nothing available for a last minute booking down the shore. You know how crazy it gets in the summer).

Sunday morning we explored the new Hard Rock Casino… let me just say that it’s beautiful and has this little gelato bar where they have all kinds of flavors + gelato icecream sandwhiches. AMAZING.

We grabbed some lunch at the Landshark Grill right on the beach, such a cool little spot!

After that, we decided to head home! We grabbed some coffee/tea + more gelato (yum) at Gran Caffe Laquila in Center City with one of Billy’s old roommates that was in town + his girlfriend. Their gelato is amazing and according to the barista’s there it won tons of awards for “best gelato” in the country?! LOL, not too sure how true that it is but it was amazing.

Here’s where the #touristy things come in – they just renovated LOVE park + we haven’t been able to go see it up close. It’s so beautiful + clean. There’s also ping pong tables which we played at + I lost both games (LOL) but it was still so much fun!

Afterwards I took Billy to Assembly, he had never been there before! If you’re looking for a place to grab a glass of wine + some light bites, Assembly is your place. The views are breathtaking and it’s so peaceful up there. I think it’s going to become a new go-to spot for us (it’s just overpriced, but the views are #worthit)

Just wanted to share this quick little staycation with you all! We had a really relaxing weeked + just enjoyed the summertime. It’s one of the first times all summer we’ve both taken a break from working + enjoyed life.

I hope that you all had an amazing weekend + can’t wait to get back to the grind tomorrow and get some more looks up for you babes!

Talk tomorrow.




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