One Month Without Coffee



Happy COFFEE Sunday, y’all!

WOWOWOW!! I went one whole month without coffee, can you believe that?! Coming from someone who used to drink at least two cups a day, I can’t believe that I made it this long. But, today I’m breaking my coffee cleanse. YIKES!

So, I wanted to do an updated post from my last post where I talked about one week without coffee.

What I Learned

  • LESS UNNEEDED SUGAR… This was a biggie for me. I think half of my “crash” was all of the secret sugar that I was consuming first thing in the morning. I’d add two packs of sugar to each of my coffee’s. Sometimes, I’d pump in a few of those tasty Mr. Coffee creamers that are loaded with sugar.
  • ONE AND DONE… I realized that we don’t actually need coffee for energy. Throughout this past month, I felt extremely energized and alert sans-coffee. Prior to taking it out of my diet for a month, I didn’t think that I could make it throughout the day without coffee. However, I realized that with proper sleep, hydration and nutrition we can generate our own energy and mental alertness.
  • MAKE COFFEE AT HOME… $$$$$. $$$$$$. $$$$$$$$$$. Need I say more? LOL! Man those Starbucks and Dunkin’ stops can really add up. I probably saved about $15/week by not caving and stopping at Starbucks/Dunkin’ before work. So,

Why I’m Drinking Coffee Again

To me, coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s a ritual. It’s a little self care in the morning. It’s taking a few quiet moments and indulging in something to start your day. I love the feeling of drinking a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Hot tea just doesn’t do it for me. Also… This may be TMI for you all, but the digestive benefits far out weigh the cons to coffee. Throughout this last month, I realized how much coffee regulates my digestive track. LOL. Sorry, just had to be honest there.

My Coffee Rules Going Forward

  • ONE COFFEE… and not every single morning, just when I’m craving it or want to indulge.
  • BLACK COFFEE ONLY… there’s no need to add in creamer / sugar, those are just unneeded and unnecessary.
  • KEEP HYDRATING… I think a huge part of why we feel that “caffeine crash” is because we’re not hydrating ourselves and our bodies after we drink a cup. Did you know that one of the leading causes of fatigue is because of dehydration? Since coffee is a diuretic, it dehydrates us as we drink it. This can easily be solved by hydrating with beauty water right after coffee!

Have you guys ever went a month without coffee?! What was your experience, let me know in the comments!



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  1. July 29, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    I really need to cut back on caffeine, but coffee is such a comfort blanket for me!


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