Top Amazon Picks, My Favorite Items

Beauty + Skincare

  • Olaplex Hair Treatment, for all of my girls who color treat their hair… This stuff is a game changer. It’s absolutely reversed the damage that bleaching has caused on my hair.
  • Oils + Micro needle Rollers are a match made in heaven. The roller helps prep your skin for whatever products you put on top.
  • OPI Nail polish in Alpine Snow, my new favorite color for summer. It’s perrrrfect for that neutral pop in the summer.


Life Hacks

  • These organizational trays have revolutionized my vanity and cabinets. It helps me organize all of my skincare and beauty products. I love this variety packs because it comes in different shapes and sizes that allow you to fit them perfectly in your drawer or cabinet.
  • Apple Watch, I feel like I was the last person on the planet to get one. But it’s been so amazing and helpful. It tracks everything from the amount of steps that you take in a day to how many times you stand up. It reminds you to breathe + so many other things. My favorite use is when I’m traveling, you can load your boarding pass onto your watch for easy flight boarding, as well as track when your boarding time is. All you have to do is download the American Airlines app (or whatever airline you’re flying)
  • Handbag Organizer, if you’re like me you’re constantly digging in your bag to find your keys/wallet/a piece of gum/etc. This organizer sits right inside of any large purse + allows you to organize and clearly see all of your goods!
  • Popsocket, have you ever dropped your phone on your face while laying in bed? It’s probably because you didn’t have one of these attached to the back of it. Popsockets easily adhere to the back of your phone or phone case and allow you to conveniently grab/hold your phone! I’ve also bought a car mount so that I can use my phone for directions hands free. It’s made such a difference since I commute 1 hour each way to work every day.


Household Items

  • Umm, have you used Downy’s Wrinkle Release yet? It’s the BOMB dot com. Seriously… I can’t even tell you the last time that I pulled out the iron. Billy’s also addicted to this stuff. We’ve probably gone through 3-4 bottles. It’s legit. You know how your Forever 21 dresses come out of the dryer all wrinkly, this stuff is a savior for it.
  • These Velvet Hangers are the only things that I’ll put my clothes on. First of all, it helps them actually stay on the hanger and not end up on the floor of your closet. But also their sleek design help you save space. This is a game changer for those of you who live with your significant other and have to share a closet.
  • Shoe Rack Organizers are the best way to clean up the bottom of your closet. If you’re like me + an ultimate shoe lover, it’s hard to find space for all of your stuff! These shoe racks are stack able and easy to add on if you accumulate more shoes.


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