City Of Sisterly Love




So, I’ve got some big news… I’m so excited to announce that I’ve renamed this blog the City of Sisterly Love.

The City of Sisterly Love is a style + survival guide for all of you, my sisters.

The name has so many meanings behind it (major props to my two best friends Alex + Morgan for helping me name it).

Back in January when I started this blog, I had no idea where it would take me. That was one of the loneliest points of my life. I had just moved into the city + away from hometown friends and no where near college friends. I didn’t go to a city school so I didn’t know a single soul here. I started a new job, was commuting to work an hour each way, coming home in the pitch black. I was lonely and starving for an outlet.

But these past seven months have opened my eyes to so many possibilities + people. Yes, PEOPLE! It almost brings me to tears the amount of amazing, inspiring, driven and passionate girls I’ve met through blogging. Both in the city and across the country.

Dream chasing… It’s such a fun adventure.

Obviously, the name is an ode to my favorite place + where I get to call home, the City of Brotherly Love (philly, duh). Each time that I travel to a different place, I’m reminded more and more of how much I love the uniqueness of Philadelphia, anyone else?

But it also signifies a community. A community of women, sisters, who are navigating life and growing up together with one main thing tying us together… and that’s love.

I want this place to be about all of us, not just a personal blog. That’s why I had to ditch having my name in the blog.

Sure, I love to post about fashion + style, but that’s not what motivates me to keep coming back each day.

What motivates me is every single one of you. Regardless of how small or large that number may be… If I can at least make on of you smile, brighten your day, or teach you something, then I’ve succeeded in my book.

I can’t wait to continue to chase this dream with all of us standing side by side.

This has been my favorite adventure yet.




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