Beauty Water Recipe | Realness Challenge Day 18





Sweet, sweet summertime!

Ahhh, isn’t drinking stuff out of mason jars just… better?!

Today I’m sharing a lil beauty secret that’s in the form of water… It’s pink himalayan salt water with lemon. You interested? Let’s go!

I drink this stuff first thing in the a.m. Like seriously, roll out of bed and go to the kitchen to make it. Since I’m still on my coffee cleanse (haven’t had coffee in almost two weeks), I feel like this still gives me that therapeutic morning routine.

I’ll give you the quick little lowdown on just how good this stuff is for you! Basically, the combination of himalayan salt and fresh squeezed lemon juice balances the pH in your body, improves over hydration/water absorption, helps balance hormones, blood sugar + blood pressure, and helps with skin clarity. Not convinced yet? If you wanna read more about the benefits, check out this great article all about the benefits of himalayan salt water.

Anyways, this is so simple guys. Like so so simple – you’d be silly not to at least try it.

Here’s what you’ll need:


+ A mason jar or glass cup

Organic Meyer Lemon

Pink Himalayan Salt


Seriously guys, all you do is grab an empty cup, fill it with ice, sprinkle in a pinch of himalayan salt and squeeze in 1-2 slices of fresh organic lemon. Stir it up and drink.

That easy.

I love drinking this stuff as it helps me reduce stomach bloating and is just a really great way to hydrate your body first thing in the morning.

Let me know if you guys try it out!

Talk tomorrow,



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