How To ‘Shop’ Your Own Closet | Realness Challenge Day 15




Trends, trends, trends… There’s always something new, am I right?

But with the change of seasons comes the newest trends and latest fashions that we “must have“. We can find ourselves in a pattern of buying, buying, buying. Purchasing the newest patterned top, and latest cut of jeans because we feel pressured to keep up.

love shopping, trust me. But, I can find myself purchasing things when I don’t actually need them. My closet is filled with clothes that I can wear. In fact, my dresser won’t shut because there’s so much junk in there and I’ve run out of hangers in my closet. Yet, I find myself still buying stuff that I don’t need. I even have clothes that I’ve never worn that still have the tags on them… Can you relate?

Today’s post is all about how you can ‘shop’ your own closet + refresh your wardrobe with re-discovered pieces that you already own.

Organize your closet… Seriously. You’d be surprised by what you have if you just organized it. I like to color coordinate my closet and hang the items by the type of cut (tank, quarter sleeve and long sleeve). By doing this, I’m able to see everything that I have and find myself falling in-love with old items and not letting them get smushed in the back of my closet.

Neutrals… Personally, I’m a neutral girl. I love blacks, whites, creams and greys. Having basics and neutrals helps you preserve clothes, carrying them from one year or season to the next. I have my go-to’s for each color – a staple white tank top (like the one seen here), a well-loved long black sleeve top. By keeping your favorites in neutral colors + soft fabrics, it allows you to hang on to your pieces and not have them “fall out of style”.

+ Screw the whole, “I don’t want to be an outfit repeater” phenomenon… That’s so high school. I remember that I used to refuse to wear the same outfit twice. Like seriously? Who cares! If you love an outfit or clothing item, wear it. Don’t feel like you can’t wear it again because the fact of the matter is no one is ever going to notice. Seriously, they won’t.

Did something shrink in the wash? Stretch it or rethink it…. Okay, this is far too familiar for me. I’ve shrunk more clothing items than I’d like to admit. That rayon fabric is unforgiving and shrinks as soon as you wash it. But, here’s a little trick… When it comes out of the wash, stretch it out + hang dry it. If it’s shrunk far beyond repair, rethink it. Meaning, turn it into a shirt or cut the fabric and use it as a headband. You know those dresses from Forever 21 that are too short to be a dress but too long to be a shirt? Throw some leather or textured leggings underneath and re-invent the wheel.

I hope that these tips helped!

Don’t always feel like you need to rush out and buy the latest fashion trend. You’ve got plenty of amazing pieces in your closet already!

Talk to you guys tomorrow,




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