Tips For De-Stressing and Releasing Negative Thoughts | Realness Challenge Day 13


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Happiest of Mondays, loves!

Today I’m sharing my top tips for de-stressing and releasing negative energy and thought patterns, you in? Ok, let’s get started!!

AH, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, negative thoughts, self doubt. The fun things in life, am-i-right?

Positive thoughts and energy take practice.

They don’t come naturally to (most, if not all) of us – hey, we’re humans and are genetically wired to detect danger.

But have you ever reached a point where you’re feeling so anxious and overwhelmed that you think to yourself, “What am I doing?” or “Why am I doing this to myself“. Why am I reliving these terrible, made up + falsified stories that I’ve created in my mind.

Because I’ve been there.

Today I’m going to share some strategies and techniques that I’ve implemented to help reduce anxiety/stress/overwhelm and start cultivating feelings of happiness, positivity and openness.

It’s not easy, and I’d be lying to you if I said that it was. It’s practice. It’s work. It’s getting a little bit better each day. It’s finding a little more joy in the present. It’s cultivating a little more gratitude for what you’ve been given.

Meditation… I’ve talked about this before, and I’m by no means perfect at it. But whenever I feel myself entering negative thought patterns and self destructive thoughts, I turn on my Insight Timer app. This app provides guided meditations for beginners (I’m still a beginner, trust me) and helps you realign yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here’s a great video by one of my favorite teachers, Brendon Burchard, all about meditation and how to cultivate your practice.

Gratitude Journal… I bought this little notebook that I fill up with things that I’m grateful for. So, the strategy here is to find things about your life that are good. What is going on in your life that you can be thankful for. The trick? Try to turn negatives into positives… here’s an example: “I’m grateful for the traffic that I experienced today because it taught me about patience”. Or you can focus on the positives… For instance, “I’m grateful for the woman who smiled at me on the street because she made me happy inside.” Keeping track of the wins and being mindful of how many blessings you’re surrounded by helps to keep things in perspective. It helps you to not harbor on the little things like so many of us – myself included  – can do.

Change Environments / Outdoor Activities… The pictures above are from a spur of the moment beach trip that Billy and I took yesterday. We had no intentions of going to the beach yesterday, but the thought crossed our minds and we acted on it. Half an hour later, we were packed up and headed down to Margate for the day. Sometimes, you just need to change environments, step outside of whatever physical space that you’re in and creating these negative thoughts and move! Like, physically move geographic locations. Whether that’s a different room or a different state for the day, shaking up your environment can help you relieve those overwhelming feelings.

Breathing Techniques… So, I’ve learned quite a few different breathing techniques to change the physiological aspects of those stressful feelings. Back in March, Billy and I attended a 4 day seminar with Brendon Burchard that absolutely changed our lives. But, one of the things that he taught us were breathing techniques. He goes into it in the meditation video that I linked above, but you really want to focus on taking 5-10 DEEP breaths in through your mouth and out through your nose. This helps to alleviate cortisol and other stress-related hormones.

Essential Oils… Oils, oils, oils… I know, you guys are probably rolling your eyes like, we get it Emily, you’re obsessed with oils. But, seriously, aromatherapy helps. I really like to diffuse lavender and peppermint, sometimes I’ll throw a lil eucalyptus in there. But filling your space with soothing smells helps me to calm down my mind.

I’m no professional but I’m just sharing what helps me and works for me.

I really hope that this post helps at least one person overcome some difficult or challenging feelings.

I love you all, more than you know!

Talk tomorrow,




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