I Went Without Coffee For A Week: This Was My Experience | Realness Challenge Day 12





Here’s the backstory, I’m tired y’all. Better yet… I’m exhausted.

Last Monday I literally yawned 15 times on my way to work. YES, I counted because WTF, this mascara was way too expensive for me to be smudging it off with my watery eyes from yawning.

As someone who’s on the go 24/7 and can never sit still, I have a major conflict with this fatigue that I’ve been carrying around with me.

Like seriously, its equivalent to that pesky bee that won’t stop buzzing around you so you run away from it but it just follows you. UGH GO AWAY.

SO, naturally I was determined to kick the yawns to the curb.

The realization happened last Sunday after Billy and I got brunch at our fave spot in fairmount, Sabrina’s Cafe. We started it off like any other breakfast, immediately ordering two hot coffees. I take mine with half + half, two packets of splenda and precisely one ice cube to cool it down. (srsly, I’ve burnt my tongue one too many times to not learn my lesson).

We go grocery shopping every Sunday after breakfast. It’s a ritual. It’s just easiest to get it out of the way early in the morning because the Whole Foods in Fairmount gets psycho on Sunday’s. It’s a mad house. No thanks… I like to be efficient and in and out. C’mon I got sh*t to do.

Anyways, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open while we were there. And this was after I had drank TWO cups of coffee y’all. I should not be yawning after drinking caffeine.

So right then and there I decided to go a week without coffee to see how I felt, and if it made any difference.

And let me tell ya, I feel like I was just rebirthed out of the womb that’s how much energy I have.

Day One: OUCH, major headache. It didn’t hit me until later in the afternoon. But I definitely had a pounding headache, something super atypical of me. At first I didn’t know why the heck I had a headache, but I quickly put two and two together. I didn’t have any ibuprofen in the apartment, so I ended up drinking a decaf green tea (it was around 8PM so too late for a regular green tea) to just soothe my head. I ended up just passing out early and sleeping off the headache.

Day Two: Ahh, much better. I woke up the next morning sans-headache ? but I was cravinnnnnng a coffee. Idk what I liked more – the taste or just the ritual of waking up and making my coffee (my fave k-cups were the French Roast ones from Whole Foods or the “Donut Shop” coffees for the Keurig). I think it was a little bit of both. So I started drinking green tea in the morning. It’s not that I’m opposed to caffeine, I’m just opposed to how much I was consuming first thing in the morning before I had any food in my stomach. Anyways, NO FATIGUE! No crash, no headache and (barely) any yawns!

Day Three: Again, just one cup of green tea in the morning and a decaf green tea in the afternoon. There’s something therapeutic about a warm bev when you’re working. I just like having something to sip on. It’s so nice… actually brb, I’m gonna go make a chamomille tea while I write this.

Day FourFive, Six  + Seven: No new news is good news, right? I didn’t really have a crazy bad “caffeine withdrawal” (if that’s even really a thing). Just the terrible headache on the first day – maybe it’s because I’m still allowing myself a small dose of caffeine with the green tea, BUT whatever it is. I feel f*cking amazing. No mid-day crashes, none of that buzzing head feeling.

But, do you want to know the best part about this week without coffee?

I think that it lowered my anxiety levels.

This is something that I haven’t opened up about on the blog yet, but trust me, I’ll get to that post. Because I know that so many of us deal with these tricky + challenging feelings.

Anyways, I’ve been loving life sans-coffee. I will not lie, I definitely crave that coffee taste. Maybe I’ll try out a decaf coffee? Hmm, we’ll see!

Have any of you ever done a coffee cleanse before? What was your experience like.

Let me know!

Okay, enough rambling… Talk to you guys tomorrow!




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