Summer Essentials | Realness Challenge Day 11




WOWZAAAA, today’s the perfect temperature.

It’s currently 79 degrees and breezy, the perfect pool day! (I’m actually writing this post while sitting by the pool).

Figured it was the perfect time to do a summer essentials list –– all of the things that I’ve been loving this summer + some necessities for this hot weather.


Homemade electrolyte water… ITS A MUST. You guys, ever morning I’ve been waking up and making this homemade electrolyte water. It’s changed the game. Electrolytes keep our bodies and cells movin‘. They keep our cells / muscles / tissues active and able to communicate with our bodies. Electrolytes can be found naturally in the body (think potassium, magnesium, calcium and even table salt!) So, what I do every morning is grab my water bottle, squeeze one fresh organic meyer lemon in it, add a pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt and fill it up with filtered water! LIFE CHANGER. Seriously, try it!


Oils, duh… You know how much I love my oils. But skin hydration and moisturizing is a must in these hot summer months. I use these right after the shower and every night before bed. I did a whole post on these oils where I talk more in-depth about the benefits of natural oils. But basically, if you’re out in the sun, taking multiple showers because of how sweaty you are… You need to be hydrating your skin!


Straw clutches… UGH! One of my favorite trends this spring/summer. I got mine from ellelauri (here) but I’ve also linked a few above. These are a staple item for any summer outfit – they make everything so beachy even if you’re nowhere near a beach.


Scrunchies, yes scrunchies! They’re baaaaack, you know those puffy hair ties our moms used to style our hair with when we were kids. Well, they’re back in style, oh and so useful! I get mine from Forever 21 – they’re so cute and affordable!


Crochet bikinis…. So much yes! I bought one of these for our Puerto Rico trip and have been loving it ever since. It’s such a fun twist on your classic bikini. They’re surprisingly functional too. They don’t take forever to dry (in my experience) and they don’t stretch out, so have no fear!


What are some of your guys favorite products for summer?! Let me know!




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