Let’s Catch Up | Realness Challenge Day 10



Hi my sweet friends!

All of this blogging but I feel like I haven’t actually talked to you guys in a little bit!! I miss you ? I wanted to share some photos of my life “lately” + catch up with you all.

Sooo… What’s up, what’s new? Hope that you all had a good Fourth of July celebration! Wasn’t this a weird work week… having Independence Day right in the middle of the week really threw me through a curve ?

Here’s what’s new with me:

  • I’ve been trying to meditate more consistently – as someone who can be very scatterbrained, constantly doing 20 different things at once… this is essential for my sanity. LOL. But, it’s really difficult to stay consistent with. I’ve been using the Insight Timer app which is super helpful because I can select just a 5 minute meditation. That way, I have no excuses for doing it! You guys should check it out. I like to do it early in the morning and (sometimes) right before bed.


  • I’ve been eating wayyyy too much junk food  and feeling guilty about it ? I need to stop. I don’t know what it is! Ice cream, candy, cookies, wings, fries, bread… UGH! Oh, but I did try House of Cupcakes for the first time (pic of it above, so so good). I can’t stoppppp (well, I can but am just unwilling to because, like, ice cream is just so good, hehe) However, this has been causing me to feel so guilty and two seconds later I regret it and shame myself. Can you relate?


  • No phone or feeds in the morning! WOWWW, such a game changer for my mental health. I kid you not, I used to wake up and immediately scroll through my Instagram feed – checking up on how my posts did, answering questions/comments, looking at what other people were posting. Oy vey, I can’t even believe I let myself do this for so long. What I realized by changing this habit and not looking at my phone for the first hour or so of my day, I lower my cortisol (stress hormone) levels and don’t compare myself to other people first thing in the morning. I know, it’s so hard to fight the urge, but trust me.. For your own sanity you should give this a shot!


  • I tried Jamaican Jerk Chicken for the first time!! SO YUMMY! We got it from one of the food truck vendors during the 4th of July celebration the parkway. My mouth was so spicy and hot but it was sooooo worth it. Have you ever had? I think I’m in-love with it now, hehe! Anyone know anywhere I can get some good Jamaican Jerk in the city?


  • Slacking in the gym. AHHHHHHH. Jfjdsfjdasjdfklsjafksjfsa. WHY AM I LIKE THIS?! Hahaha, but seriously. I feel like one week I’m super motivated and the next week all I want to do is sleep in. I need to get back into the gym and into shape. Do you guys have any mindset tips for staying motivated?


  • Humidity, storms… But also double rainbows! This weather has been so crazy. It’s been in the 90’s for the past week, and reached 100 a few times. The air is super humid and muggy, which calls for thunderstorms and rain. One night, we saw a double rainbow across the skyline!! Super cool.


Well, I hope that you guys enjoyed this random post. Hahaha, I just truly missed you all and wanted to fill you in on my life and just do a lil “catch up” blog!

Hope you all have a good start to your weekend + happy friday!




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