Happy Fourth! | Realness Challenge Day 8




One of my favorite holiday’s because it’s a true celebration! C’mon, it’s America’s birthday and I couldn’t be happier than to spend it right where the U S of A was formed, the City of Brotherly Love (Philly, duh!).

Instead of focusing on gift giving or all of the other superficial nuances that come with holidays… The Fourth of July is truly a celebration of independence and an homage to our founding fathers.

There’s so much history in the City of Brotherly Love

If you travel down to Old City you can quite literally step back into time! There’s Independence Hall, where you can stand in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed. You can also visit the iconic Liberty Bell – it was rang as a signal of freedom to the citizens of Philadelphia in 1776. Four days after the Declaration of Independence was signed, the Liberty Bell was rung and the Declaration was read aloud for the first time.

Philadelphia comes alive on the Fourth, it’s such a tradition and an amazing feeling to know that we live right where our nation was founded. This city is so amazing & I fall more and more inlove with it each day.

We’ll be celebrating by watching Pitbull perform on the Parkway (literally right outside of our apartment complex). At night, we’ll be watching the fireworks as they spread across the sky.

How are you celebrating the Fourth? Whatever it may be, I hope that you all stay safe and have fun!

Talk to you tomorrow!



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