SUNcare Routine: Staying COOLA For The Summer | Realness Challenge Day 7

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Piggybacking off of my skincare post yesterday, today’s post is going to be all about SUNcare!

That’s right, protecting your precious skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

As I stated in yesterday’s post, I’m a sun bunny––you know, hopping from sunny spot to sunny spot to catch alllll of the rays. Well, at least I used to be that way. Until I started discovering how the sun was already aging me. UGH!

Last summer, I developed a weird splotchy skin discoloration in the middle of my back. I have no idea when it started or how, but it was definitely from the sun. Small (and large) freckles and sun spots started appearing on my face, arms, chest and neck from years of laying in the sun without sunscreen + dousing myself in oil. CRINGE!




If you’re not fully bought in––yet––then at least take my advice and protect your face.

COOLA makes an amazing product to layer under your foundation or wear alone. It’s their Full Spectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops, and it is heavenly. It’s not thick like most sunscreens––it applies sheer and breathable. But the best part? It doesn’t break my sensitive skin out.

What I do is I apply it overtop of my moisturizer after cleansing my skin. THEN (if I decide to wear foundation that day) I’ll put my foundation and concealer on-top of it + it lasts ALL day!




Do you color treat your hair? Me too… obvs these blonde locks aren’t natural ? BUT, it’s so important to protect that color (and your scalp). When we were in Puerto Rico, cruising on a catamaran in the open Caribbean, Billy burnt his scalp so bad. We didn’t notice until we got back to our resort and he was in terrible pain. He said that it felt like he got hit on the head that’s how badly it was burnt. Poor guy, he had dandruff flakes flying off of his scalp for the next week, ew.

But, had I known about COOLA’s Organic Scalp & Hair Mist with SPF 30, this could have easily been prevented. We never really think about our scalps when we’re lathering ourselves in SPF. Sure, we get our ears and the tips of our noses, but we neglect the very spot that NEVER sees the light of day.

I spray this stuff all over my scalp, precious locks of hair, and neck. Not only does it protect your hair from burns and sun exposure, but it protects your color from fading and your hair from becoming dry/brittle.

SUNcare is so important + I hope that we can embark on this safe sun journey together.

Let me know your fave suncare products, I’d love to try!

See you guys tomorrow!



*These products were so kindly gifted to me by COOLA and Influenster to try out + write my honest review. 


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