How Oils Have Changed My Skin | Realness Challenge Day 6

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My skin used to be my biggest insecurity and now it’s my number one priority. If you know me then you know how much I love the sun.

But lately, I’ve been avoiding the sun as much as possible. I still let myself have fun in the sun, but I make sure to put sunscreen on and hang out in the shade as much as possible. I’ve started to take my skincare (not just my face) super seriously.

Basically, I’ve been noticing sun DAMAGE all over my body. I have freckles that never used to be there––last summer I developed a splotchy discoloration on my back that’s still there––I even have wrinkles. YES! Wrinkles… On my stomach from too much sun exposure.

So, today’s post is going to be allll about the oils + tools that I’ve been using to heal my skin from sun damage, acne scars and also preventing acne. My skin has never been this hydrated, clear and bright… I’m OBSESSED!




+ Viva Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil
+ Ruth Paul Skin Full Body Lavender Oil
+ Vitamin E Oil
+ Microderm Roller






STEP ONE! ROLL // derma roller for women: here

This thing looks intimidating, but it’s NOT, I promise… It’s going to be your new best friend.

This thing has microneedles that help cell turnover which utlimately boosts collagen + elastin production. It also helps to prep your skin for treatment, allowing the oils + any other products to penetrate your skin deeper.

After cleansing my skin of any makeup, oil + dirt, I run this microneedler all over my face from top to bottom (gently). Then, I go in with my oils, and lots of ’em!

Side Note: I also run it on my hips to boost collagen production to get rid of those pesky stretch marks.






Are you scared to put oil on your face?! I was too, but trust me… It’s about to change yo’ life.

I’ll give you a quick little low down on these oils.

Coconut oil is good for basically, everything. Cooking, cleaning, moisturizing, hydrating, makeup removing… You name it you can probably slab some coconut oil on it to make it better. Fractionated coconut oil is basically just liquid coconut oil––for me, this stuff has to be organic, USDA certified.

Anyways, I use it to remove all of my makeup (works like a dream), so I’ll just take some oil in my palms, massage it into my face, wipe it away with a warm/damp washcloth and then go in with a water-based cleanser (I use the Purpose Gentle cleanser). I also use it for alllll over body moisturizing. I literally douse my body in this stuff after I get out of the shower. It has completely replaced lotion for me. I’ve also used it in my hair for an overnight hair treatment. The next day, my hair felt slippery smooth––and for all of my girls that color your hair you know that’s the #goal we’re always after.




The Lavender Oil is used for facial moisturizing and all over body moisturizing. I spray it right on my face, give myself a nice ‘lil massage and away I go to sleep. The next morning, I wake up and my skin is hydrated, radiant and glowing! It’s amazing.

Here’s a little hack, use this as a glowy highlighter for your body. Whether it’s date night, a night out on the town or even just grocery shopping… Spray this oil on the high points of your body. So, your clavicles, shins and shoulders––it’ll give you the perfect sunkissed glow.

Vitamin E oil is so good for healing––stretch marks, acne scars, scrapes and bumps, bug bites… ANYTHING! I put this on any redness or dark spot that I’m trying to lighten. I’ve also been religiously putting this stuff on the stretch marks on my hips. I’ll do an updated post later on that once I see more results.

I hope that this post helped you all. I really encourage you to transition to oils, or atleast give ’em a try!

Any questions? Send them my way!

Talk to you guys tomorrow!





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