Life Hacks For The Extroverted Introvert | Realness Challenge Day 5


Happy Sunday, loves!

Ever heard of the term, extroverted introvert?

Me either, at least not until I did some Google-searching #duh.

We all know that “introversion” has been such a hot topic and coin term as of late, but I truly feel like we all feel pressured to be outgoing, charismatic and lively in today’s social world.

At my core, I think that I’m an introvert who has trained myself to be more extroverted. It’s such a weird mix because while I love socializing, I feel like I have to “psyche” myself up for it. It has to be the right moment, the right people, the right surroundings for me to really feel comfortable.

Naturally, I’d be fine working quietly in silence with some essential oils burning and a face mask on.

BUT! Since we live in a very social society and culture, here are some of my best tips for the gal who likes to socialize but craves alone time as well.

  • Take quiet time for yourself. We’re constantly surrounded by other people. Wherever you’re at in life: work, school, kids, marriage or any other demands that life puts on you, you’re most likely surrounded by others the majority of the time. It can seriously be draining! People constantly talking to you, around you, or even just being near you. Maybe that doesn’t affect you one way or the other –– for me? It makes me uncomfortable. I need some alone time, some peace and quiet (but not too much) and solitude. My advice? Use one day or one night and do something by yourself. Whether it’s as simple as running errands or as brave as eating alone – you need that time to recharge your energy and reflect.
  • BUT, don’t isolate yourself. Because us extroverted introverts are this interesting yin-yang between socializing and needing alone time, it’s important to not isolate yourself or box yourself in. Sometimes, I really just want to be left alone. Like, seriously, sometimes I just don’t want to talk (which is completely okay!) But I’ve realized that other people can mistake this as me being distant or shut off to the world. I’ve been trying to get better at this, but it’s not always easy when all I wanna do is draw the blinds, burn some essential oils and do a face mask.
  • Be aware of things that drain you. Big crowds and a lot of people at once leave me feeling drained afterwards. I don’t necessarily want to go crawl into the corner during parties or events, but when I leave I can feel especially drained. I also know that meeting a lot of new people at once can be draining for me. Just be aware of the things that you know deplete you of energy.

Are any of you extroverted introverts?! What are some of your tips for protecting your energy?


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