Monthly Expenses Workbook

Let’s talk about the fun stuff… like financial planning ????. All kidding aside, financial planning is SUCH an important part of being financially responsible and independent. I don’t know where I would be without my Monthly Expenses Workbook. Being able to visually see where all of my money is going each month has been vital to me staying sane, LOL! I’ve created this basically as a How To Financial Plan guide.

I’ve replicated my Monthly Expenses Workbook for you all, as a disclaimer the numbers and figures in the Workbook are in NO WAY REPRESENTATIVE of my personal finances and expenses. I’ve simply put in placeholder figures in order for the formulas to calculate correctly for you all! Please feel free to edit this workbook to fit your specific expenses, bills and monthly costs.


You MUST create a copy of the Google Doc –– if you don’t your information will change the master Doc and will stay there. Please, for your own privacy create a copy of the Monthly Expenses Workbook, and work from there.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: File –> Make a copyScreen Shot 2018-05-31 at 11.13.23 PM.png

Step 2: Rename the document, click OK.


It’s really that simple… I hope that you all find this helpful. Please don’t hesitate to message me with any questions that you may have. Think about all of your expenses: the fixed, fluctuating and subscription based monthly expenses that you may have. I find that once you map things out, you can really see where you are going and where you are headed financially. It brings such a sense of peace and ease.

Get my Monthly Expenses Workbook: Here


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