Pretty Blooms x Pink Spring Dress





UGH, Spring = Happiness, am I right?!. As I get older I’ve become more aware of how the seasons take a toll on my mood and overall happiness. I’m not saying that I’m sad by any means, because I’m generally a very happy and upbeat person. BUT, driving home in the dark from work isn’t fun, and stepping out of the car in the frigid cold isn’t either (but I’m a total pro at sprinting… from my car to inside).

This year, the east coast winter was bitterly cold with more intense winds than I can ever remember happening. Seriously, there was times that I thought I was gonna blow away.  Let me just be super transparent here and say… the weather absolutely affects my mood. This spring came super late, we didn’t see blooming trees or flowers in Philly until late, late April. So SAD! But now spring is officially in full swing and I couldn’t be happier!! YAY! The days are longer, the landscape is more beautiful and my mood is officially lifted. Ask my boyfriend, anytime it’s warm out he can’t wait to tell me that “today’s going to be my favorite day, ever!”. And he’s so right. I instantly smile when the weather is warm and I see flowers. It’s the little things.

I had to capture this beautiful dress with these blooming trees (I think that they’re cherry trees). I’m in awe of them and their beauty, cherishing every moment before they disappear in place of that familiar green. This dress is so affordable, it’s from Forever 21 and I am obsessed with the way that it moves. It’s the definition of femininity to me and I can’t wait to wear it all spring and summer long.


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