Tiny Details: “Life Is Tricky Baby, Stay In Your MAGIC”


Happy Saturday, loves!

I’m such a sucker for jewelry – I love anything shiny and sparkly! I think that accessories are the “cherry on top” to any outfit. A few added touches on your wrists, neckline or ears can add so much to a look.


Lately, I’ve been loving bracelets – I like to stack ’em and wear as many as my wrist can fit at once! I like to mix materials and metals – the two beaded bracelets have gold accents while the silver one is made from stainless steel.  The bracelet is actually custom made from Custom Collections By Courtney – it’s a hand stamped plate imprinted with the word, “magic”. When designing this bracelet, I brainstormed a bunch of words but kept coming back to this one.

Story Behind The Word, MagicA little while ago I came across the saying, “life is tricky baby, stay in your magic”. I fell completely head over heels with it (I even made it the tagline for my blog). It resonates with me on so many levels and has quickly became my motto. To me, the saying sums up the beauty of life – it’s not easy, but stay true to who you are. I’ve gone through a lot of growing changes/pains this last year. I’ve learned so much, matured and really grown into who my truest self is. This whole period has been fun, but a little overwhelming and confusing to say the least. But, at the end of the day, this bracelet serves as a constant reminder to “stay in my magic”.



I also chose this dainty ‘lil nameplate necklace from Custom Collections By Courtney – I love how tiny and minimalistic it is.

It’s the perfect piece for layering and I can’t wait to wear it with more of my other dainty silver necklaces. Just like the bracelet, this one is custom hand-stamped on stainless steel.

If you’re interested in these tiny little nameplate necklaces then you can head over to Instagram, @Custom_Collections_By_Courtney



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