How to Create Your Own Custom Monogrammed iPhone Case with CaseApp + Surprise!

Hey guys!!! Eeeeek, I’m so excited to do this post! I recently decked out my phone with these cases from CaseApp – I was able to design and create a custom iPhone case right on their website! If you’re interested in learning how to create your own custom case with your monogram then keep reading!??

They have cases to fit every size phone (Android + Apple) and you can choose from a regular snap on case or their “Tough Case”, which is what I chose! I’m super cautious with my phone cases because I’ve cracked screens in more iPhones than I’d like to admit. So when it comes to protecting my phone, I only use phone cases that I know are going to keep my phone, and screen, safe!

There are a variety of pre-made designs that you can choose from on their website, with the ability to customize each design. OR you can opt to upload your own photo of your family, friends or even pets! I chose to do both – I picked out this Banana Leaf case because I love palm prints, and I also customized the Washy Wash design with my monogram! You can use the code EABURGESS20 for 20% off of your total purchase! ?






How To Create A Monogrammed iPhone Case with CaseApp

I love when I’m able to customize things, like phone cases. Not only are they super cute, but they also help give everyday necessities your own personal spin! Keep reading because I’m going to be teaching you how to personalize your own iPhone case with CaseApp using your own monogram!



STEP ONE: In the top right hand corner, click on “Designs” – if you don’t want to upload your own photo to create your case with, you can choose from tons of amazing Designs right on CaseApp’s website.


STEP TWO: Choose your design! For most of the Designs on their website, you have the option to customize them. When you find a Design that you love, click on “Customize Case”


STEP THREE (UNIFORM MONOGRAM): Click on “Insert Text” and enter your initials (First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial). I’ve selected the font “Nixie One” and Center Aligned the text. From here, you’ll be able to resize the monogram to your desired font size. Make sure that the monogram lines up between the buttons and that it’s in the center of the skin.


STEP FOUR (VARIED SIZE MONOGRAM): If you’re looking to create a monogram that is varied in size, and has your last initial larger than your other initials then there are some further steps that you’ll have to take. You’ll want to make each initial separate by typing it into the text box, and clicking anywhere else on the screen so that you are able to type in the next letter. Keep your last name (the middle letter shown here) the largest, and shrink the other two letters and move them to the opposite side.


STEP FIVE: TADAAA! Now you have your very own monogrammed custom iPhone case! You can play around with fonts and colors to match whatever design that you choose, but it’s so simple and gives your phone that personalized touch!



Let me know if you need help designing, and I’d be more than happy to help you!! Don’t forget to save a ‘lil money with the code: EABURGESS20 for 20% off of your total order on CaseApp!





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