The Ultimate Denim Guide: It’s A Denim Party!

Happy Sunday, loves! It’s me… a self-diagnosed, functional denim hoarder, rounding up my favorite jeans ?. Now that the spring season is officially here, we’re slowly but surely coming out of our winter wardrobe hibernation.

I love a good pair of jeans – especially the kind that you slip into and they just make you look and feel good. With so many brands and options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to even start! So, I’ve rounded up my favorite washes, brands and styles for you babes. Here is your ultimate denim guide!



These boyfriend jeans are by the brand Pistola Denim – I found them at the Bloomingdales Outlet here in Philly (surprise, surprise right? I sound like a broken record). But they’re the only pair that I have found so far that actually fit me. I’ve always had trouble finding a pair that don’t look extremely baggy or huge on my legs.

I love the distressed/un-done but totally done style of these. For some reason, whenever I wear them I feel like a painter or an artist. There’s a fine line with boyfriend jeans, if you get a size too big they can look bulky and unflattering. Another great alternative to the look are Girlfriend Jeans – most brands offer this style, it’s a more form-fitting cut.

*Try to find a pair that are high waisted, it’ll give you that feminine/cinched look, that way the bagginess of the pants doesn’t leave you feeling frumpy.*





This pair is from American Eagle (I’ve linked them below) – holllly crap these are awesome! I’ve had them for 3+ years and am obsessed with them. I love how ripped and distressed they are – there’s a dark grey and black fade to them which adds even more interest to your outfit.

I’ve always found AE’s jeans to be extremely comfy and stretchy, which makes them easy to wear all day long. The jegging style is hands down some of the softest material to wear every day, you practically feel like you’re wearing leggings. I like to get the long length – I already have pretty long legs, but the long length allows you to cuff them at the bottom without loosing tons of ankle coverage. Sometimes I find that when I cuff my jeans (something that I almost always do) I end up turning my jeans into crops.

For size reference, I’m wearing a size 4 here and there’s definitely room to move in ’em. They stretch out slightly throughout the day, so buying a pair that are a tad snug is completely do-able!





This pair of jeans is from the brand BLANKNYC – I found them on clearance at Nordstrom Rack (I’ve linked them, and other styles on sale below). These are probably my most worn jeans – they’re relatively casual but the rip in the knees gives them that lived-in look (which I love).

What I love most about BLANKNYC jeans is that the denim doesn’t fade – for some reason the indigo in their jeans stays even after multiple washes. It’s really hard to find jeans that don’t fade after the first few washes.

For size reference, these are a 26 – I normally go for a 27 but these fit and they were the only size left! I find that by the 2nd or 3rd time that I wear them before washing them, they stretch out to become the perfect size. While these aren’t a jegging, they’re definitely breathable and comfortable enough to wear all day.





These are the Hoxton High Rise jeans by PAIGE – this brand is stupidly over priced but you can usually find them for half off at Nordstrom Rack or the Bloomingdales Outlet (which I highly recommend you do, don’t buy them full price).

With that being said, these jeans are… amazing. They’re SO comfortable, if you have a pair of the American Eagle jeggings and you think that those ones are comfortable, you’re gonna practically feel naked in these ones (in a good way). They’re so breathable and easy to move in that you’ll forget that you’re even wearing jeans.

They hug your curves and don’t stretch out on the legs – something I hate in denim. The one con is that I’ve found that they have faded since I first purchased them. They used to be a true, dark indigo color and now they’ve faded and become a tad lighter. It’s really not that big of a deal, but this is why I’m telling you to buy them at a reduced price as opposed to the full $198 price tag (that’s just stupid).






This white pair is the Mid Rise Deconstructed Raw Hem Jeans by SP Black – a brand sold at Nordstrom Rack! I personally love white jeans in the summertime – they’re such a staple to me and bring out my tan!

This pair is extremely comfortable and I love how the knees have distressing in them. Just like the name says, the cuffs are raw meaning they have that frayed look, which I personally love. I either leave them down and wear the jeans as-is, or I cuff them up.

These are a size 28, but I could definitely fit into a 27. I can’t remember why I sized up in these, I have a feeling that they were the only ones left. But, they fit pretty true to size






Okay, okay… I know I’ve said this about practically every pair, but these are my favorite pair. They’re from American Eagle and they’re the High Waisted Jegging.

These are the perfect jeans for spring/summer time, especially for walking around the beach at night. I find myself wearing them all of the time and get so many compliments on them. My favorite part is the ankles, I love how distressed and ripped up they are. Isn’t it funny how we pay for ripped clothing?! Haha

Hope you guys loved this post and found it helpful – let me know of any questions that you may have about anything I covered!



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