Why All You Need Is A (Cheap/Affordable) Headboard!


Color… what’s color?

No, but seriously. My decor style is no different than my wardrobe style… colorless and shiny ?.  We recently got a new headboard, and if you know how indecisive I am then you know how difficult this was for me to pick out. LOL, I seriously had to shut my laptop and walk away multiple times because I was getting so overwhelmed with the choices!

I finally decided on this one from Overstock, it’s the iNSPIRE Q: Melina Tufted Grey Linen Wingback Bed. Woah that’s a mouthful! I’m obsessed with the color and was drawn to glam of the studs and grommets. I ordered a Queen size and it came out to $359.99, and then I got a coupon that reduced it a little bit more.

I wanted to outline a few helpful tips that I have for you guys, as well as my thoughts and review of Overstock!


1. Know What Style You Want.
To begin narrowing down the search process, take a look at all of the options out there and then start pairing down to the designs that fit your style and aesthetic. For me, I knew that I wanted a fabric headboard, so anything with wood was definitely out. I wanted to keep the color palette neutral (obvs ?) and loved the pop of glam that grommets and studs gave. So that made choosing a little less overwhelming. I filtered the results on Overstock to: linen, white, grey, and black).

2. Understand The Difference Between A Bed + Headboard.
Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to get clued in on this… but a headboard and a bed are two very different purchases. A headboard is simply… the headboard. It’s just the decorative piece that you can purchase to attach to your already existing frame. When you purchase a whole entire bed you get the frame and headboard. Alright, so this made it even harder for me to find my perfect headboard – not only did I need to love the way that it looked, but having a frame that had fabric all around the bottom of the bed was a MUST. Our old bed was wood all around, and didn’t have enough room for the box spring to drop down into, so it left us with an eyesore that I had to cover with a bed skirt (yuck). As you can see in the picture below, the fabric that wraps around the whole bed makes such a difference. It adds those “finishing touches” to the bed that I love so much.

3. Shop Around – Don’t Settle For Full Price!
I always go into buying anything with the belief that just because it’s expensive, doesn’t necessarily make it good. That’s why I’m always chasing a bargain and love when I can find something that I love that’s not going to cost a ridiculous amount of money. There’s plenty of headboards out there that are $1,000+ and to me that’s just RIDICULOUS! You can easily find something that’s just as beautiful at a fraction of the price. I looked all around Wayfair, All Modern, Joss & Main and eventually went with Overstock because of the reviews. All of these websites are competitors, and some are even offshoots of each other – be smart, find a coupon and don’t pay for shipping. Cut some of the costs out of the price in order to get something that you truly want!


My Thoughts On Overstock

Personally, I loved how easy and simple the purchasing process was! Everything came in just about a week, and I was updated every step of the way through email and text message. Their customer service is amazing, easy to get ahold of and extremely amicable.

I actually ran into a small problem when I was purchasing this headboard because I ordered the wrong size… oops! At first, I ordered a full instead of a queen – a few clicks and I found their customer service number. The person on the phone was super helpful, and helped me quickly solve this issue. They knew exactly why I was calling, before I even had a chance to explain myself. This means that they looked up my phone number as they answered my call, and pulled up my order history. It was such a breeze to get things squared away.

The set up was way easier than IKEA furniture – there were only a few pieces that we had to assemble. It took no longer than 30 minutes from the point of unboxing to fully getting it set up. They actually packed pieces of the bed inside the back of the headboard underneath a velcro panel, so that they could fit all of the pieces into two boxes.

I would absolutely purchase a furniture item from Overstock again, and would recommend all of you do so as well!




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