First Impressions: Tarte Matte & Glossy Lip Paints



Hey guys!!! I’m so excited to give you my first impression of Tarte’s Matte Lip Paints + Glossy Lip Paints — I got these eight trial sized colors in Tarte’s limited-edition posh pout quick dry & glossy lip set from their holiday collection.

I bought it online during their after-Christmas sale ?. I actually got one of these sets for my friend a few weeks before at Sephora. I saw it again on Tarte’s website and wanted to try it out for myself. In this purchase, I got a few of Tarte’s other holiday collections and sets — I’ll be reviewing all of them in the weeks to come!

This set comes with eight different products — four matte lip paints, and four glossy lip paints. There’s an almost identical shade for both the matte and glossy formulas, which I personally LOVE! Depending on your preference, the products can be worn on their own or layered on top of each other.



Matte Lip Paints
In all honesty, these are alllright when applied by themselves — I’d give them a 7/10. When it comes to formula, I don’t think that these are the best on the market, here’s why:

PROS: The colors are definitely pigmented and come out true-to-color. They’re vibrant and bright, not losing any of their integrity when applied on the lips. The matte finish is close to perfect — they don’t dry out your lips or make you look dehydrated. The staying power is pretty good! I did the “water bottle” test, and while some of the pigment got onto the rim of the bottle, the color was still pretty much intact.

CONS: The colors are splotchy, this is my biggest gripe with them — they don’t spread evenly on the lips. There were points when I would rub my lips together to disperse the color and it would leave see-thru patches in some areas. I’m going to have to play around with them a bit more to give a conclusive, “yeah, I really don’t recommend these”. I think that if I were to put a lip liner on underneath it would really help the pigment cling to the lips.

Glossy Lip Paints
I loveeee these, I give them a 10/10! They’re definitely full-on pigment and look amazing overtop the matte lip paints.

PROS: They give just the right amount of shine — the finish is glossy but doesn’t make you look like a walking disco ball. The best part? They’re NOT STICKY! My biggest pet peeve when it comes to lip glosses is that some of them can be way too sticky. I love a gloss that’s smooth like buttttta!

CONS: This comes down to personal preference, but I don’t think that I’d wear these on their own. When a gloss is as pigmented as these are, I always find that they look better on-top of a matte liquid lip, or even a lipstick.


LOL — FOREWARNING: I’m really bad “staying in the lines” while applying these, so I apologize in advance for these poor swatches. I promise that I’ll improve with time ?.

Valor + Cast


I’m obsessed with this combination. This cool red duo is definitely something that I wouldn’t go for on my own. The only time I have ever worn red lipstick is for themed parties in college — YIKES! I usually stay away from intense colors like these because I used to think that they were too bold. In reality, it was just me being afraid to step outside of my comfort zone!

Novel + Eager 


Hmm, I’m still trying to get used to this color — pinky nudes are definitely not my thing. With time I bet this could grow on me a bit more, however these aren’t the colors that I think work with my skin tone. But for those of you that do love these types of shades, this one is beautiful! It’s definitely got a nude vibe to it, but the hint of light, baby pink adds some life and dimension to it.

Reign + Gifts


Love it! This one is most likely going to be my most worn combination — I’m all about these deep mauve shades and this look is so beautiful! I think it’s appropriate for both night and day, can you say helllllo #WorkThenPlay. It adds the perfect amount of color to a more relaxed makeup look, making you look more lively and fun.

Crown + Spice


WOAH, I’m shocked I even tried this combination on! But I’m so glad that I did — it’s seriously stunning. Obviously this isn’t something that you’d wear on Sunday to the grocery store, but it’s definitely going out worthy. Next time I have a fancy event — or just want to get overly-dressed up — I’m going to wear this combination!


I’m so happy that I purchased this set! It pushed me outside of my color comfort zone, giving me the encouragement to try out new more bold shades. When the two products are used together, they’re beautiful. The color range in this set is pretty awesome — there’s a little something for everyone.

After realizing how bad I am at applying these, I think it’s time for me to experiment with some lip liners! Do you guys have any recommendations for me?!



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