All Time Beauty Faves — The Necessities


Hey guys! ? While getting ready this morning, I had a realization that I’ve been using some of these makeup products for years! There’s some realllly good stuff here that I keep repurchasing whenever I run out.

There was a time in my life *COLLEGE* where I stopped buying high-end beauty products. I sort of fell out of love with makeup — I just wasn’t as passionate about it as I once was. Maybe the fact that I was a broke college student played a role in it. Trust me, buying $70 foundation definitely wasn’t at the top of my priority list at that time.

I remember when I consciously made a decision to stop excessively buying expensive make up. I was sitting at my desk-turned-vanity in my college bedroom, pulled open my two drawers filled with make up and it hit me. I don’t need 8 different mascaras, all I need is one really good one. And in my opinion, the $7.00 mascaras were so much better than the $25 dollar ones.

So that’s when I really started to pair down my makeup collection, but in reality it was more of like an addiction. Through trial and error, moving 3 times and basically living out of a suitcase at one point in my life — I’ve finally found the goooood stuff. It’s a mix of high-end and drugstore products, things that all fit into one makeup bag that I bring with me no matter what — these are my all time favorite necessities.


FACE (Foundation, Concealer + Powder)


Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup (Here)
This stuff is amazing. It’s medium coverage, but definitely buildable. About a year ago, my skin started breaking out baaaaad. Seriously! There was a point in time where I had between 4-5 large pimples (ugh) on my forehead — and they HURT! I was devastated, and couldn’t figure out why my skin was acting up. I thought maybe it had to do with my diet, so I changed that and also started taking a probiotic. Nope, that didn’t help. I wanted to so badly blame it on my hormones, but the pimples were on my forehead (typically, hormonal acne appears on the chin so they say). My skin has calmed down since, BUT this foundation was my savior. It was so lightweight with a natural finish that didn’t emphasize the pimples, I could build the coverage on the spots that I needed, and leave the rest of my face normal looking, lol (by normal I mean not look like a cake face). However, this foundation does contain salicylic acid, something I NEVER use on my skin, but it doesn’t seem to irritate my skin due to how small of an amount is in here.

Estee Lauder Double Wear (Here)
I can’t rave about this stuff enough, it’s my go-to anytime that I’m going out at night or to an event. This stuff DOES. NOT. BUDGE. Seriously, it will last you all night and it helps all of your other makeup stay on. With this underneath, your blush, bronzer or highlighter will look flawless alllll night long. I have combination-oily skin, and my forehead gets the brunt of that. This stuff helps me stay dry in my oilier spots, and gives me a natural glow in my dryer spots. (Sorry if this whole post is TMI — I’m just trynaaaa keep it ? with you guys).

Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder (Here)
Alright, I have been using this stuff since I was legit like 13 years old. I think it was one of my first makeup products, ever. And here I am almost 10 years older and still using it. I can’t express how amazing this product is — it’s just like the name, super-blendable. There’s a wide color variety for every skin tone and undertone, I use the shade W7 in the summer and W6 in the winter. No matter what foundation I put underneath it, this stuff makes it that much better. It adds the most natural looking finish while helping to keep my oilier spots dry. Did I mention that it’s under $7.00 — yeah, it is and I would absolutely pay double for it. If you only try out one product from this post make it this one.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer (Here)
So I originally bought this because I was tired of using up my NARS Creamy Concealer on normal days (seriously, that stuff is $30 for a tiny tube). However, this Rimmel concealer quickly became one of my favorites.  I use it to highlight under my eyes and it’s perfect. It’s super blendable and buildable, depending on the amount of highlight you want for that day. Not to mention that it’s only $4.99.




Maybelline Lash Sensational (Here)
Remember how I said earlier that the $7.00 mascaras are better than the $25 ones — yeah, I was talking about this one. I’ve probably bought 5 different tubes of this stuff, replacing it every time it runs out. It’s quite literally the only mascara I own, because it gets the job DONE! It lengthens and volumizes my short, thin lashes to the point that you can actually see them :-)! Yay for that, right?

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade (Here)
My LIFE SAVOR — if you know me you know that I wouldn’t be caught dead without this stuff. REALLY THO, if I was on a deserted island and could only have one makeup product it would 10/10, 20/20, 100/100 be this stuff!!! I’ve worn it to bed, out to dinner, in the shower, in the pool, in the ocean, in the car, on my couch, eating fries, drinking water and it doesn’t budge. It’s a little tricky to learn how to use at first, but seriously — if you’re looking for an amazing brow product TRY THIS OUT.

Vaseline (Here, lol)
I use this stuff religiously. It’s my chapstick, it’s my best friend, it’s my everything. I don’t go anywhere without it… It’s sort of like my security blanket. Try it out, put it on and let me know how much your life is changed forever. YOU’RE WELCOME (in advance)




Kat Von D Shade + Light Face Contour Palette (Here)
I’m not even going to show you guys the inside of this palette because I have seriously destroyed it (as you can probably tell from the outside, lol). I’ve hit pan on every single shade because it’s that good. There are 3 different highlighting shades (banana color, light neutral color, and an orangey shade) and 3 different contouring shades (dark, neutral and cool/ashy shade). Usually, I just mix them all together and make my own weirdo shades but I’ll absolutely be repurchasing this. I’ve had it for probably 2 years now and I still have a ways to go, even though I’ve hit pan on all of the shades. I love higher-end products like this that you can really get good use out of.

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop (Here)
YAAAAAAAS! (in my best Jaclyn Hill voice). Obviously I bought this highlighter because of my love for Jaclyn Hill, but seriously it’s so beautiful. I use it every single time that I go out or want to get really fancy for an event. It’s the most beautiful color, ever. It makes your skin look like a diamond, not to mention that it stays on forever. You only need the smallest amount of this stuff for it to look amazing. Becca’s formula is so smooth, creamy and blendable.


I hope that you guys enjoyed this, let me know if you try any of the products out!



  1. January 5, 2018 / 8:10 pm

    Hey, I also love Double Wear and the Kat Von D contour Palette! I also have short poker straight lashes, so maybe I should give Lash Sensational a go! I’ve seen it a lot but wasn’t sure if it would work for me. X

    • January 6, 2018 / 8:57 am

      Definitely try out Lash Sensational — the brush and buildable formula are what really make it amazing! ?


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