PINspiration—Bedrooms That Inspire Me

For the longest time, I didn’t know what my specific “style” was when it came to home decor—it seemed to me that I liked a little bit of everything. I love pops of color, but I’m also drawn to neutral grey tones and metallics. I love anything clear, crystal and shiny that dances when the sunlight hits it. But my palette isn’t quite modern, and it isn’t full-on glam.

Then it hit me, I can LOVE both styles and mesh them together. A few Pinterest searches later, and I stumbled across the perfect blend of my two worlds: Modern Glam

So… What defines a Modern Glam style?

Neutral Color Palette
Neutrals on neutrals on neutrals—Modern Glam is defined by this monochromatic color palette. You can never have too much white, grey or black.

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Metallics, Metallics, Metallics
If it shines, it belongs. The shinier the better—nothing screams GLAM quite like heavy metals.

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Pops of Texture
Oh that furry thing laying on the floor?” No, I didn’t get a new pet—that’s just my faux fur rug. Modern Glam plays with textures, and embraces them.

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Hints of Soft, Feminine Colors
While neutral rules all, don’t forget about the step-sister in the corner. Soft pinks and delicate hues are often used as accent colors to break up the neutral (I know, I know who would ever want to do that?!).

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Iridescent Accents
Incorporate pieces that shine and dance when the sun hits them is a signature staple of a Modern Glam style.

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What’s your guys style? I love how everyone expresses themselves differently and has their own unique tastes.


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