HomeGoods Finds… And They’re GOOD


If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with HomeGoods—they opened one up in Philly back in November + I couldn’t be more thrilled ?. I went in there yesterday with the intention to find a soap holder for the shower, got completely side tracked and walked out with tons of stuff. Shocker—not one of those things was a soap holder. Oh well, guess that just means I’ll have to venture down there again soon.


I found some pieces that I’m obsessed with—particularly the circular mirrored tray with grey iridescent jewels on it. We get tons of natural sunlight in our bedroom and I love the way they illuminate when the sun hits the jewels ?. I have to be careful where I display things in the bedroom though—it seriously gets SO hot in there from the sun, even when it’s 30 degrees out.


I also found this beautiful faux flower ensemble in a silver mercury vase. Personally, I’m a huge fan on faux flowers, but I know that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. I think that they bring so much life and color to any room, but you’ve gotta be selective! This particular arrangement features just bloomed pink peony which is my favorite flower, ever ?. They’re so full and colorful which help add dimension to a room.

Tip: Feel the petals—make sure that they’re not too stiff. Avoid Shiny greenery at all costs–colorful flowers are usually a safer choice.

I played with these two pieces for seriously over an hour, I’m just a taaaaad particular and moved them around at least 15 times. BUT, I documented this fiasco and wanted to show you guys how one or two new pieces can really spruce up any bedroom.

First, I placed the faux flowers inside of the mirrored tray on our bedside table—this would be perfect as is, but I like to cluster my decorations and felt like this was a little naked.

? Tip: Multiples of 3—I find that clustering items together adds THAT much more to your decor. Each piece adds another dimension to the look. Think of it like outfits and accessories, a good outfit isn’t complete without the right finishing touches!


…So then I added this awesome green candle holder that flickers when the candle is lit and a faux succulent—I loved the color variation, but I felt like there were too many round shapes next to the square base of the lamp. Also, I needed more height variation in the mix—the candle holder and the flowers were almost identical in height and width.

Tip: Play around with color! You’ll never really know how two pieces look until you put them side by side. Don’t be afraid to mix color, it usually ends up working out!


Next, I moved both pieces to our dresser—placed them side by side, and swapped out my old perfume tray for the new mirrored one. I LOVE displaying my perfume like this, not only does it let me see everything that I have, but it reminds me to use them all! I place them in height order and try to make everything symmetrical.


As for my old perfume tray? I transformed it into a catch-all for my most loved and worn jewelry pieces. I was just keeping them in this pouch that I had but I love this SO much more—I can actually see them all now!

? Tip: Keep it fresh! Switch your items up, and repurpose older pieces in place of your newer ones. Just because you find something that you’ve fallen inlove with, doesn’t mean that you have to abandon your old ones! Find new homes for them, and fresh ways of incorporating them into your decor.


FINALLY, I got it—the flowers were moved back to the night stand and I incorporated some other pieces that I had around the room. The heights and shapes of these were juuuuust right. The varying sizes and shapes didn’t make the square base of the lamp feel out of place.

Tip: Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Metals—I know how awkward it may feel, but coming from someone like me who’s as picky as it comes, the right metals will work together. For example, the pineapple in the picture above is a dark gold color—the complete opposite of essentially everything else in our room. But it works! It’s small, not overpowering and breaks up the silver/clear that rules my color palette.


I hope this gave you guys some inspo for your own spaces! Play around with your pieces—change them up often and just have fun with it! Try different things and move them around. Some final tips that I have for you:

Vary your heights—place objects clustered together that are all different shapes AND heights. This helps each piece shine on their own, an d they don’t be come lost amongst the crowd.

Try Faux Flowers—seriously, give them a try! They’re not for “old ladies” if you pick the right ones. You’ll see how much they can transform your room. Bring those outdoors in, baby!

I’m still on the hunt for wall art and dresser knobs, that post will come in time once I find the right pieces! As with anything, you can’t rush it! I know that I’ll find them some day, and you guys will be the first to know!

Have any decor projects on your agenda? Share your inspo with me! 




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