Good Morning, Breathe



WAKE UP—It’s Christmas! I hope you’re all enjoying your time with loved ones today, preparing to stuff yourselves with delicious food.

We opened our gifts last night… mainly because I couldn’t wait. My boyfriend surprised me with a new Yoga Mat, which is one of the best gifts, EVER! I didn’t even remember mentioning to him that I wanted a new mat, so this was quite a pleasant surprise.

I’m not a Yoga expert by any means, but I do take my health very seriously. In the mornings before work, I like to do at least 20-30 minutes of stretching after my work out—it helps me get my body + mind in the right state. Usually, I’ll lead myself in the yoga room at our apartment complex, but some mornings I’ll turn on our TV + follow along with Yoga With Adrienne right in our living room. I love her style + she makes it so easy for beginners like me! Going into the new year, one of my goals is to really up my yoga game + this mat is definitely going to help!

The Specs:
— Brand: Gaiam
— Style: Sol Dry-Grip Yoga Mat
— Color: Black
— Size: 68″L x 24″W x 5mm; 5lbs
— Pros: PVC/Latex Free, Latex Top Coat (to wick away moisture)
— Where To Buy: Macys, Amazon

I love the color, obviously, because it’s black—and the design on it is so simple yet elegant! It feels firm, but not too firm + is pretty thick so it supports the body as you stretch. The Latex Top Coat not only helps keep the mat dry, wicking away any sweat or moisture, but it also provides tons of grip so that you can really get deep into your stretch.

What I’m Wearing
Top: Lululemon, Cool Racerback II 
Bottoms: Lululemon, Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise)
Shoes: Addidas, Swift Run in White/Grey

I’m a huge Lululemon fan—I always get slack from my friends because of how stupidly expensive their yoga gear is, but nothing compares (in my humble opinion, obviously). Their clothes are snug, form fitting, + show off parts of your body that you want to show off. Not to mention that each piece of clothing that you buy from them comes with a lifetime warranty.

My boyfriend also surprised me with these shoes—something I absolutely wasn’t expecting but definitely needed. I’ve been rockin’ my same pair of black Nike’s for years, + I guess the people have officially voted them off the island. Every time I wear them, he says that they look like restaurant shoes… again I’m fine with #AllBlackEverything, but apparently some people aren’t. Anyway, these Addidas shoes are seriously some of the most comfortable sneakers that I’ve worn in a long time. They fully support the foot + the ankle, while also providing tons of flexibility.

Did you guys get anything this year that’s going to really help you reach your goals going into the new year? Let me know!



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