Let’s Do The Awkward Small Talk


I guess that it’s only fitting that I write my first blog post on why I’m even blogging in the first place! So let’s start out by getting to know each other—my name is Emily, I’m 22 years old + live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was born on the first day of spring + was once told that life progresses in seasons. So it’s only fitting that I was born on the first day of the season that’s supposed to renew and regrow our earth. I’m a Pisces, an ENFJ—shoutout to all of my ENFJ friends (figure out your personality type: here) + a starving creative looking for an outlet.

I recently graduated college, got my first “big girl” job—yes I’m currently “adulting” + I love it! There’s nothing better than getting your first real job, moving out on your own + becoming self sufficient for the first time, EVER. But this past year has been nothing short of a learning curve for me. From the confusion of graduating college, not knowing what the future was going to hold for me, to accepting my first job + being thrown into the real world.

I’ve always been that type of cliche “fall down seven times, stand up eight“. However, nothing compares to this past year.

Basically, I started blogging because regardless of how much I try to deny it, I’m a creative minded person by nature. I’ve always found solace in expressing my creativity through words—words that I hope move people. I’m definitely an emotional writer (see there’s that ENFJ coming out). I realized that there was something major lacking in my life + I had a scary ah-ha moment—I needed to express myself, for my own sanity.

I played tug of war with my emotions for a while, I was so scared to be vulnerable + put myself out there. Mostly because I was scared of myself—scared to confront those lingering fears I know that I have. I’ve always hid behind others, in the shadows of those I care about—pushing them to go after their dreams. All along, I realized that I was really just hiding behind them because I was afraid to step outside of my own comfort zone… which conflicts with EVERYTHING that I tell everyone else.

Me To Everyone Else
— “OMG, do it… You’re so captivating, you need to start a YouTube channel.”
— “Seriously, you’re so talented… You should open an ETSY shop!”
— “You’re applying to grad school? You’re 100% gonna get in, you’re so smart!”

Me To Myself
“I’ll start a blog next year, by then I’ll have the perfect idea for one.”
— “I don’t have enough time to dedicate to a blog, maybe later.”
— “Well what am I even going to write about, will people even be interested?”

Need I go on? So it was about time that I took my own advice + here we are. I caught myself in a negative mindset trap of self-limiting beliefs. I would psyche myself up, + then talk myself out of it… seriously, it was more terrifying than the little kid rollercoasters at the Jersey shore. I decided that enough was enough—I had to listen to myself, give myself the true permission to be vulnerable + take a leap of faith.

Still reading? I hope so… or else my self-limiting beliefs will really come true (à la, law of attraction)… I’m only kidding (halfway). Anyways, that just about sums it up… You’ll find everything from the latest books that have inspired me, to fashion steals + beauty finds. Basically, this is kind of like that catch-all on your vanity—a little bit of everything, all of the small pieces that make up my life. I’m on a journey of self-discovery, + I hope that you’ll join me. My only wish is that you find a little bit more of your truth along the way.

All My Best


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